Rahi Crooned’s ‘Jhoome’ captures the true essence of Kashmir!

Rahi Crooned’s ‘Jhoome’ captures the true essence of Kashmir!

All About Rahi’s Upcoming Song Jhoome (Photo Credit: BGBNG MUSIC / Youtube)

Rahi Kashmara singer-songwriter Jhoome’s new song has garnered around 800,000 views on Youtube since its launch just a few days ago. The live-action video, written and composed by Rahi, also features actor Kanika Mann, and is filmed across the Kashmir Valley by Danish director Renzuk, director of the acclaimed film The Illegal.

“I would never miss an opportunity to capture the true essence of Kashmir. Indie pop is all about emotions and “Jhoome” describes how I feel about this beauty! I hope that with this song I can get people from all over the country to live through me and a little bit of Sway with Joy, ”says Rahi, about his experience recording the song and recording the video.

“The moment I heard the song, I couldn’t participate myself. We kept singing, ”says Kanika Mann, and then jokingly adds,“ I think I should throw a blanket! “

“With Rahi, the heart is with Kashmir. In times when everyone is confined to their own home, Rahi manages to teleport with his clean melodies and voice to fall in love with, ”says Gaurav Wadhwa, creator and general manager of the Big Bang Music label, who launched the song.

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