Raj Kundra arrested in pornography cases: no active role of Shilpa Shetty has yet been found, police reported

Raj Kundra arrested in pornography cases: no active role of Shilpa Shetty has yet been found, police reported

Raj Kundra arrested in pornography cases: no active role of Shilpa Shetty has yet been found, police reported

Monday was a surprise for fans of Shilpa Shetty when businessman Raj Kundra was arrested in a case involving the production of porn films. In February 2021 the case was registered in Crime Branch Mumbai about the creation of pornographic films and their publication through various applications. Mumbai Police said they have enough evidence to prove that Kundra was a key conspirator. He appeared on Tuesday morning in front of the Mumbai Police Crime Bureau Property Cell, after which he was sent to judicial custody until July 23. There has been a lot of speculation on the internet, saying the Bollywood actor will be called to court soon. However, his fans were reassured when Joint Police Commissioner Milind Bharambe gave a statement about him.

The latest tweet from the ANI news agency read: “Crime Branch Mumbai registered a crime in February when it published Porn Films. It was found that young artists were attracted to them under the pretext of interruptions in a web series. They were asked for daring half-turned scenes. Mumbai Jt Police Commissioner. “

Mumbai Jt Police Commissioner reported, “We have arrested producers like Umesh Kamat who are overseeing operations in India’s Raj Kundra. To create the content of the ‘Hotshots’ app and the operations were carried out through the Viaan company. We found evidence during the basket when we arrested Kundra.”

In a statement on Shetty’s involvement, he said: “We have not yet been able to find any active role (for Shilpa Shetty). We are investigating. We will call on the victims to approach and contact the Mumbai Crime Branch. Take appropriate action.”

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The husband of Bollywood actor Shilpa Shetty, Kundra is the owner of the company Viaan Industries Ltd, which is co-sponsored by the couple, and Bakshi – a British citizen married to his sister Kundra – is Kenrin Ltd., president of London. Mumbai Joint Police Commissioner Milind Bharambe said the two companies have a mobile app called ‘HotShots Digital Entertainment’ developed by Kenrin Ltd.

The HotShots app is described as an “18 ++ app from around the world” featuring some of the world’s most famous models and characters in exclusive photos, short films and hot videos – meaning hard and hard porn.

“The free app to download was released by Apple and Google Playstore for the type of content. Mumbai Police have recovered evidence of incrimination during investigations such as various HotShot movies, video clips, WhatsApp chats, etc.,” Bharamb said. a crowded media gathering.

Following investigations by Malvani Police and later Crime Branch-CID and Property Cell, at least 12 arrests have been made so far, including Kundra, his Ryan J. Tharpe technology association, who were taken into police custody until July 23. by and the Mumbai Magistrates Court.

The nine people arrested earlier are: TV actor Gehna Vashisht, 32, Yasmin R. Khan, 40, Monu Joshi, 28, Pratibha Nalavade, 33, M. Atif Ahmed, 24, Dipankar P. Khasnavis, 38 Bhanusurya Thakur, 26, Tanvir Hashmi, 40, and Umesh Kamath, 39.

-IANS entries

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