Raj Kundra’s arrest prompts “citizens” to extract memories of “work” over network pornography scandal

Twitter has a bad day in the P * rnographic scandal over the arrest of Raj Kundra (Photo Credit: Instagram)

Social media is flooded with memes about content sponsored by actor Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra, accused of producing and publishing pornographic material through mobile apps he was arrested on Monday.

More than the news of the arrest, it seems that internet users are interested in the content made by Raj Kundra.

Acting Johny Lever with a knife in his hand and sharing a meme carrying angry statements, one user wrote, “Le Boys tweeting a link is like this: #RajKundra Link kidhar hai?”

Sharing a memo featuring actor Pankaj Tripathi, one user wrote: “#RajKundra Mumbai police now: dukaan crap money tha, aap log Aake berozgaar kar diye.”

Another user shared a meme featuring actor Shivaji Satam, which showed him smiling as he slept. The meme says, “When you finally get a link to #RajKundra’s work.”

Another meme showing Sanjay Dutt’s photo says in the avatar “Munnaibhai”: “Porn sites are banned in India, #RajKundra: Tension Nahi leneka, apun hai na.”

Another meme reads: “Koi Dhakka-Mukki Nahi rough. Sabko link milega – #rajkundra. “

User Raj Kundra, sarcastically, wrote: “Everyone is doing memes and trolling in # rajkundra, but the boys are thinking about the situation they are in, at a very difficult time for him and his family … By the way to send a link to Karna. “

Puneet Kaur has opened a YouTuber against the arrested businessman Raj Kundra, claiming that he approached her via social media messages for his mobile app, claiming that the pornographic content he had created had been published.

YouTuber said after receiving Kundra’s DM or direct message, at first he couldn’t believe it was really him who sent him that message and thought it might be a spam message.

“Brooooo you OGS we remember our DM verified video, where did I get to do Hotshots?” I am dead, ”Puneet Kaur wrote in her Instagram story when Raj Kundra mentioned that she was playing a key role in making the Hotshots app.

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