Raja Kumari: ‘It’s so much fun to have a woman in a man’s world’

Raja Kumari: ‘It’s so much fun to have a woman in a man’s world’

“Rani, rani, don’t forget you’re the queen.”

That is, in short, the message of hope that Rani Cypher, Raja Kumari’s latest career, gives to the neon-colored antique. His message of hope is as appealing as the pace. Her choreography sets four rappers – apart from SIRI, Meba Ofilia and Dee MC Raja Kumari – they are queens who lift each other up.

In an interview with Indianexpress.com, Raja Kumari opened the song, which is her collaboration with Absolut. “For a while I had in mind having a women’s song. And I think we got on with Rani Cypher for this project out of creative control and freedom. I managed to get Meba, Siri, and Dee on board, artists I respect and listened to. So I’m really grateful for that. “

Asked who she thinks is the queen in her life, Raja Kumari calls her mother a “last rani”. “I don’t know how she does it at the same time, she’s still very pretty, kind and sharp. So she’s the kind queen I want to be my mother,” she said.

In the film “Rani Cypher”, as the title of the song says, Raja Kumari appears due to the harder commotion of the women, considering their sex. Practicing the same thing, the rap said, “That’s a sample of what I’m talking about in the first episode of MTV Hustle. I feel like women need to work harder and do more. Sometimes I make jokes about my men splashing water on their faces and hats. “They look back on stage but women are expected to perform on a different level, they are expected to be on a different level. However, I admit that it’s a lot of fun to be a woman in the male world. So I wouldn’t change that in any way.”

He added that he advises and encourages women to “make sure they are based on their crafts, if you have talent and work hard, no one can take anything away from you to get rid of you.”

The song also talks about crushing the “male ego”. “Women will always have to fight and navigate the world of male egos. We come from a very patriarchal society, but I think things are changing, ”he said.

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In the field of work, Raja Kumari frequently works in India and abroad. Speaking about the difference between national and international space, Raja Kumari noted the need to create infrastructure for budding musicians in India.

“I think the United States has an infrastructure for songwriters and musicians. I live in Los Angeles. So before I became a songwriter signed in 2012, I was still able to go to different singing sessions and learn from my classmates. I think Indian culture is lacking. I’d love to bring that here, like summer culture, writing summer camps, and song forums and stuff like that. I think when I was growing up in the U.S. and Los Angeles, I was a mecca for pop music, so I worked with Timberland and stayed in the room with Dr. Dre and learned from some of the most important artists in the world. “, Replied Raja Kumari.

Raja said his goal is to present a thriving platform where admirable artists and talents can share their art and story. “I really invest in seeing more women have more opportunities, as I had, and I hope to be able to create Indian women,” she added.

Do you think rap culture provides equal opportunities for men and women? “No, there isn’t. I don’t think there is equality between women and men anywhere in the world.”

“When a woman feels safe walking home alone at night, then we have equality. When women can decide what happens to their body, then we really have equality. And when a woman is paid the same job, then we would have equality, ”she replied,“ In rap culture, I think there aren’t as many females as possible. However, I hope that ‘Rani Cypher’ will inspire them more with their music. There are platforms available. I’m constantly looking for more female artists. I’m here and I want to nurture the scene and find real talent, and make sure that women really get to keep their voices spoken, to speak out loud. ”


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