Rakhi Sawant will appear in the film Indian Idol 12;  here is his FIRST look  SEE

Rakhi Sawant will appear in the film Indian Idol 12; here is his FIRST look SEE

Rakhi Sawant will appear in the film Indian Idol 12; shares his FIRST appearance PHOTOS

It is well known that Rakhi Sawant brings happiness and joy wherever he goes. There is exciting news for fans and fans as Rakhi India Idol will appear in the 12th music reality. The actor took to his Instagram and shared some photos of it. He also treated the fans with the first glance. Rakhi posted a video and wrote, “Hey guys, look where I am! I’m in the Indian Idol sets. It’s very exciting. Hey! I enjoyed it a lot. My episode is coming soon. So get ready to see the big explosion ! “

Rakhi wore a traditional orange net complete with a shiny gold blouse. It also matches gold jewelry to complete its look.

Season 13 Bigg Boss has successfully entertained Rakhi with his fans after his season. From social media posts to viral videos with Rakhi paparazzi he doesn’t stop to entertain his fans. Rakhsi often expresses opinions on various ongoing issues. Recently, Nisha Rawal and Karan Mehra expressed surprise at the allegations made against each other. In a video posted by Yogen Shah on Instagram, Rakhi said, “Han Karan ka yaar … mera bhi Pyaar se bharosa uth Gaya hai. Ab mera Shaadi par se bharosa uth Gaya. Dono hi mere friend hai. Hum sabh saath mein America Gaye the Mai mai khudhi shock hun Hum log ek hi building mein rehte the Jo Dono ek doosre se itna pyar karte the hath mein lagayi thi. Oh my God. I can’t yaar “

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In front of the work, Rakhi Indian Idol will be seen on TV 12 after a break. Rakhi Sawant took part in Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 14th reality show as he entered the season as a challenger. In the final section, he left the show with an amount of 14 lakhs, minus the amount of the previous winner. After leaving the show, Rakhi Sawant said he would use the money for his mother’s treatment.


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