Randeep Hood: “I don’t give a damn or a reward or a recognition”

Randeep Hood does not award or recognize (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Randeep Hooda is one of Bollywood’s most talented and minimalist actors. Along with Hindi cinema, actor Radhe has also made his mark in the Hollywood industry. In a recent interview the actor revealed that he is not eager for recognition and awards, but rather based on what they can achieve with their experiences. Scroll to read the ball below.

Hooda has been a part of the Bollywood industry for over two decades and has given us some of the most amazing characters to remember.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Randeep Hood spoke about his work and said, “My job is like anyone else’s. I am a contract professional, I have a contract job. You do it every time you take on a contract job. “

Randeep Hood added: “Apart from this work, there is not much interaction with the so-called industry, so to speak. I am not eager to give or give awards or recognition.”

When asked, what does he crave; The highway actor said: “My work process, my involvement and my ability is to give everything I can on that particular day and more every day. As you progress in experience and age, you learn, like any other human being, to gain a little more empathy, understanding others ( becoming) “.

For many Bollywood actors, success means fame and glamor, but that’s not the case with Randeep Hood. It was her Australian accent that caught Mira Nair’s attention in 2001 and she hasn’t had to look back on the actor since.

Hood revealed that he had never given too much “weight to fame” and that he knew from the beginning of his career that all of these things were temporary.

“The most important thing is your work, and fame is a byproduct of that. Not too much to consider about the by-product, but both handmade work. It’s not a fascinating job, at least for me, ”he concluded.

What do you think of Randeep Hood’s statement about the Award and Recognition? Tell us in the comments below.

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