Raveena Tandon and Nana Patekar share emotional messages Dilip Kumar |  VIDEO

Raveena Tandon and Nana Patekar share emotional messages Dilip Kumar | VIDEO

Raveena Tandon and Nana Patekar share emotional messages Dilip Kumar | VIDEO

Actor Dilip Kumar, popularly known as the “King of Tragedy” in Hindi cinema, recently passed away. He was 98 years old. Everyone continues to mourn the inevitable loss caused by the disappearance of the veteran actor. People pay tribute to the actor in different ways. Recently, Naseeruddin Shah shared stories from his life related to Dilip Kumar. And now actress Nana Patekar has also written an emotional message for the former Facebook actor. Not only him, actress Raveena Tandon also shared a video with Dilip Kumar after seeing that the fans had become emotional.

Nana Patekar’s FB message read: “My lord has left, many people will write, many will write. Words will still remain dwarfs. Great artist and very intolerant person. I am angry because I was unable to take part in his last journey. offering this memory.This lost moment will bloom until he dies.He was like my father.He put his hand on his back, he is the reason for my Courage.I still remember, one day when I went to his house, he called me..It was raining a lot and I soaked .

When we arrived we were at the door. Go in, get towels, wash your head. He pushed me to wear his shirt on the inside. Where I lived was dry, I was still wet inside. My eyes were betraying, but I was trying to resist myself. How much you were praising the Krantiveer movie. After hearing comments about each of the film’s contexts, I was completely lost. I was reading with my eyes. I’ve heard a lot of conversations in his eyes. “

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He continued: “Everyone has a lot of memories. Dilip Saheb says it all in a small foreground. My generation has touched them. Today the interpretation of happiness-sadness, joy-discussion, love-hate has changed. .Who I was for them, yet I feel infinite pain.What would happen to his life partner Saira ji at this moment.When and where his wife ended, he stopped … who knows.Then mother, sometimes father, brother, sister, friend.How many roles he played, and in such a great way. They never let the smile on his face go away. What do you remember now? “

Raveena Tandon, who is quite active on social media, has shared a shared video that also features Govinda. In the video, Dilip Kumar was seen praising Raveena and said, “Raveena Tandon is the daughter of my dear friend. I was watching an interview with Raveena a couple of days earlier, and she herself was recounting her mistakes.”

“Dilip Sahab will always save these moments,” he headlined.

Kumar’s career spanned six decades. He has starred in over 65 films and is best known for his iconic roles in films such as ‘Devdas’ (1955), ‘Naya Daur’ (1957), ‘Mughal-e-Azam’ (1960). , ‘Ganga Jamuna’ (1961), ‘Kranti’ (1981) and ‘Karma’ (1986). His last film was ‘Qila’, released in 1998. The evergreen icon is followed by his wife and veteran actress Saira Banu.

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