Ravi Dahiya fighter joins Tokyo Olympics to fight for gold in Polish Open |  Olympic News

Ravi Dahiya fighter joins Tokyo Olympics to fight for gold in Polish Open | Olympic News

Indian Olympics fighter Ravi Dahiya was placed in the line of his second title of the 2021 season on Wednesday when he reached the 61-pound final of the Polish Open, the final test of the pre-Tokyo Games Ranking Series. All of the opponents repeatedly corrected Ravi’s left leg, but the current Asian champion and the bronze medal medalist at the 2019 World Championships led to better misfortune for the grappler in his fights. He only competed in the second competition of the season. Ravi won 10-1 against Uzbekistan’s Gulomjon Abdullaev, but fought journalist Adlan Askarov before prevailing 13-8.

Nathi Khalid Tomasello, who sealed his place in the semi-finals, beat American 9-5, usually like Ravi, to compete in the 57 kilos.

Ravi then reached the final with a 7-4 win over Iranian Reza Ahmadali Atrinagharchi. Now he will fight for gold against Abdullaev, who was easily crushed in the initial fight.

The most difficult fight Ravi has had has been the second round against Askarov. It was all about strength and power, as the Indians had a tremendous change to win against the Kazakhs after the 0-8 draw.

Askarov, the silver medalist in the Asian Championships, was stunned by Ravi’s two-legged attacks as the Indian struggled to negotiate with the lively movements of the Kazakh fighter.

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Although Ravi was positioned for counterattacks, he was unable to execute them. It was a strange sight to see Ravi fighting and his defense falling. He was two points and two points away from an embarrassing victory for technical dominance. However, his Rival lost ground in the second half and Ravi took advantage of that to take 13 consecutive points in a row.


On day 3, they easily beat Tomasello, even letting the American get his left leg. Of the five points scored, there were three in the playoffs when Tomasello was unable to take the shot, but Ravi dragged it out. His defense was Shaky again, but Ravi’s solidity pushed him once again.

It prevailed 7-4 against Iranian Reza Ahmadali Atrinagharchi because the Indian had his left leg blocked several times. However, the Iranian did not leave much energy towards the end, in which case Ravi grows up.

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