Ravichandran Ashwin cleans the air, says he will never ask the ICC to calm the rules to help the ship “Doosra” |  Cricket News

Ravichandran Ashwin cleans the air, says he will never ask the ICC to calm the rules to help the ship “Doosra” | Cricket News

On Thursday, seasoned spinner Ravichandran Ashwin clarified that they would never say the International Cricket Council (ICC) should relax the 15-degree rule to help the Bowl “doos”. Ashwin’s clarification was mentioned in several media outlets when they referred to the alternate Youtube channel and wanted to relax the rule of Cexket’s body vertex. Taking to Twitter, Ashwin saw an article and replied, “Really ?? Don’t get me wrong !! I’ll never say that.” In another tweet, the spinner said, “It’s wrong !! My channel is made for the right reasons and to get the audience to know Cricket better. If you can’t get such basic things in translation, you don’t bring bad news like that.”

Ashwin took 409 wickets in an average of 78.69 in 78 trials, five in five wickets and 10 in seven wickets. It is also the fourth largest record holder in India, in the longest format.

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Earlier, former Indian fighter Sanjay Manjrekar said he has a problem with people who call Ashwin a great world-wide spinner because he doesn’t have as many as five wickets in the countries of Sicka (South Africa, England, New Zealand and Australia).

“One of the basic issues I have with Ashwin is that it’s amazing for SENA countries, places where Indians find themselves outside their comfort zone, that they don’t have a single five wicket haul. Not a five wicket haul. In all of those countries,” Manjrekar told ESPNcricinfo “Run Order” program.


“Another thing: You talk about running on Indian pitches along the sides when the pitches are adapted to his bowling type. But in the last four years, Ravindra Jadeja has joined the ability to take the wicket throughout the series. So Ashwin is not climbing above the others. a guy.

“And it’s interesting that in the last series against England, Axar Patel got more innings than Ashwin in similar pitches. That’s my problem with accepting Ashwin as an excellent ever,” Manjrekar said.

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