Ravichandran Ashwin is a “better ball” than Nathan Lyon, Ian Chappell feels Kilker News

Ravichandran Ashwin is a “better ball” than Nathan Lyon, Ian Chappell feels Kilker News

Former Australian skipper Ian Chappell believes Ravichandran Ashwin is a better spinner than Nathan Lyon. Chappell also highlighted how he sided with Lyon when he went right to the right and that is why Ashwin has a good side against Lyon. Ashwin took 409 wickets in 78 trials, averaging 24.69, five in five wickets and 10 in seven wickets. It is also the fourth largest record in India, in the longest format.

“I think Ashwin is a better player than Nathan Lyon. Look at Nathan Lyon’s Strike rate, you’re in your 70s and I’m going back to 2018. Nathan Lyon, for me, I think races get a good score It’s a bowl for the Right and that doesn’t really have to happen. Yes, it’s a fine ball, but I think Ashwin is a better ball, ”Chappell said on ESPNcricinfo’s‘ Run Order ’program.

However, former Indian bat Sanjay Manjrekar has said he has a problem with people who call him Ashwin because he doesn’t have enough to transport five wickets outside of India.

“A basic problem I have with Ashwin is that the SENA countries, the places where Indians find themselves outside their comfort zone, are amazing to see that they don’t have a single five wicket haul. Not a five wicket haul. In all of those countries,” Manjrekar said in the same program.

“Another thing: you’re talking about running on the sides of Indian fields when the fields are adapted to his bowling type. But in the last four years, Ravindra Jadeja has joined the ability to take the wicket throughout the series. So Ashwin is not a boy who was above others. “And it’s interesting that in the last series against England, Axar Patel got more baskets than Ashwin on similar pitches. That’s my problem with accepting Ashwin as a great player,” he added.

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Chappell quickly realized how Ashwin is like Joel Garner’s Ancient Legend and not taking enough five wickets doesn’t matter because it’s a quality Indian attack.


“I’d like to make a couple of points there. If you look at Joel Garner, I mean does Joel Garner have a five-goal amount? Not a lot, considering how good he was and his record. And why, he was playing with three other very fine players. And I think , especially lately, I think the Indian attack has been very strong, they are sharing more wickets, ”Chappell said.

“And the other point I would say is Ashwin’s popularity and I think the England players were probably more focused on Ashwin away and with Axar Patel, well, let’s face it, they didn’t have any bloody traces,” he added.

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