Realm teases India’s laptop presentation with a “Hello World” tweet: What we know so far

Realm teases India’s laptop presentation with a “Hello World” tweet: What we know so far

Realm has launched many devices in India already, but the laptop is not one of them. That will soon change and the company will soon move them into the laptop category. Realme CEO Madhav Sheth wrote a tweet with a small teaser that suggests a laptop will soon be on his list of products.

Sheth shared a message from her official Twitter handle with a binary message and a photo. This binary message, when decoded, reads – “Hello World”. “01001000B 01100101B 01101100B 01101100B 01101111B 00100000B 01010111B 01101111B 01110010B 01101100B 01100100B 00100001B 00000000B The #realme new product category has a message for you! Can you decode it and guess the name of your product? The photo shared with the tweet shows the edge of a laptop, which looks like it is inside a brown paper bag. Sheth asked his followers to guess the name of the next product.

Looking at the photo, the laptop looks sleek and gray, much like the Apple MacBook Air. We can barely get any more information in the shared photo, so we’ll have to wait until Realm provides more information in the near future. There is also no information available about the Realme laptop online.

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YouTuber Mukul Sharma, who shares many known leaks, has also given advice on upcoming Realme laptops. Following his tweet, Sharma has confirmed that Realm’s laptops are expected to launch around June this year.

so far it’s safe to conclude that Realm intends to launch laptops, but that’s all. At the moment, Realme is preparing to launch the Indian Realme GT 5G, this Smartphone will also be launched worldwide.


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