Researcher develops tool that wipes an Android phone if someone tries to crack it: Here’s how it works

Researcher develops tool that wipes an Android phone if someone tries to crack it: Here’s how it works

As criminals know more about technology as they try to circumvent law enforcement, countries around the world have begun to rely on digital criminal technology in criminal investigations to gather evidence. These tools are provided by various security companies and are used on phones, computers, and other suspect devices.

The security researcher has now evolved Lock, a tool that makes these tools useless by wiping your Android phone as soon as it detects a forensic tool like Cellebrite. Created by KoreLogic investigator Matt Bergin, the new app was first unveiled at the end Black Hat Asia Conference. The app describes itself as an “Android-based Cellebrite UFED defense app.”

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With LockUp, users with an app installed on their device can protect their devices from being touched Cellebrite UFED tool, which is seized and listed by law enforcement agencies around the world. The application essentially monitors the device to find possible signs of an attempt to “describe” it. Imaging is a technique that accesses the repository of a source device to create a copy of legal information.

If an app detects an incorrect game, it responds immediately to the device’s factory settings with device administrator control, just as some Android phones offer to reset the device to factory settings after a certain number of invalid attempts. The app itself is designed to run on devices with Android 9 (Pie) or later, according to the GitHub page of the project.

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When an application detects any application that has code or activity related to enterprise applications, it immediately initiates an irreversible wipe of the device storage. The arrival of the app is certainly bad news for Cellebrie, less than a month after the founder of Signal announced the discovery of several vulnerabilities in the forensic software after analyzing the toolbar.

However, if you think about simply downloading the LockUp app yourself and installing it on your Android phone, it’s not going to be that easy. Berg says he avoided adding all the code bits needed to build the application. He said he did not want to make it so easy that it could easily be used to avoid criminal charges. Instead, my goal was to help support research into forensic tools to show how they are not immune to software problems, ”he said.


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