Ryan Reynolds is gearing up for his “wonderful” return to the MCU in his signature avatar and fans can’t rest easy!

Ryan Reynolds makes a huge introduction to the MCU in the Deadpool Avatar signature (photo: Getty Images / Twitter / Imdb)

Rumors of Ryan Reynolds joining Deadpool Marvel Cinematic Universe have been making rounds for a while. And guess what, the actor has made it official with the teaser for his next film, Free Guy, which he reviewed with MCU’s Korg character. Scroll down to read more.

Well, it’s certainly not how we expected the announcement but it’s Deadpool, what do you expect? Haha!

Ryan Reynolds shared a reaction video for the movie “Free Guy” on the official Twitter handle with a guest Reactor, who was a member of Korg MCU and played the role of director Taika Watiti Thor. Sharing the video on Twitter, the actor wrote, “If you include a cyclist in Deadpool’s cocaine, it’s the most expensive reaction video ever made.”

This is the second collaboration between Ryan Reynolds and Taika after Green Lantern and as far as we know it was for the DC Universe.

Reacting to Taika Wat’s video of Ryan Reynolds, she wrote her Twitter role: “This is the third time I’ve done this with Ryan Rennolds. @FreeGuyMovie Theaters AUGUST 13. #ReactionVideo”.

Well, well. Isn’t that what we were all waiting for?

And the show that robbed us of how Korg talked about getting into MCU. Ryan Reynolds asks Deadpool how to get into Marvel and he replies, “Have a dream, Chase it, lose that dream, just sabotage all kinds of happiness to achieve that dream, climb to the tops of that mountain and when you reach the top, reach the bottom and you realize that you will never achieve that dream and check your emails at that moment. Maybe you will receive something from your agents saying that Marvel wants to talk. “

What do you think about joining the Deadpool MCU? Tell us in the comments below.

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