Sales of Tesla cars in China remain on record

Sales of Tesla cars in China remain on record

Tesla Inc. saw car sales in China rise last month as the quarter-end promotion helped offset a negative press around customer complaints and quality concerns.

Registrations of Model 3 sedans and Model Y sports utility vehicles at the Shanghai plant in Tesla made 28,508 units in June, up 29% from May and more than double the number in April, according to data from China Automotive Information Net. Model 3 enrollments were 16,995 and Model Y enrolled 11,513, down 10% in May.

Local media reported that the strong display of Model 3 coats is due to Tesla Promotions for full prepayments with preferential loans and discounts. Automotive industry began delivering the 3 models to the public from the Shanghai plant in early 2020, with production of the Y model coming later.

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Tesla has faced challenges in China in recent months, including recalling a software repair and negative publicity in April at a Shanghai Auto Show when a protester climbed into one of his vehicles and crashed a Model 3 brake failure, nearly killing four members of his family.

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Earlier this month, data from the China Passenger Car Association saw retail sales of new energy vehicles total about one million in the first half of the year. Tesla records, including a few handfuls of imports, totaled 132,228 during that period.

Tesla has introduced a cheaper version of the locally built sports utility of the Model Y in the second half to boost sales in the world’s largest car market. The so-called standard range version starts at 276,000 yuan ($ 42,600) after government subsidies from Y. Nio Inc., which has a longer original reach. 20% less than the company’s ES6 SUV model. Model Y, starts at 358,000 yuan.

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