Sales of two-wheelers fell by 65% ​​in May: SIAM

Sales of two-wheelers fell by 65% ​​in May: SIAM

The Indian Automobile Manufacturers Association (SIAM) recently announced that sales of two-wheelers fell dramatically by 65% ​​to 3.52,717 units, up from 9.95,097 units in April.

Overall motorcycle sales fell 56% in May to 2.95,257 units, up from 6,67741 units sold in April this year. In terms of scooter sales, there was an 83% drop in land to 50,294 units last month, up from 3,00,462 units in April this year.

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Sales of all three wheels were also successful, falling 91% to 1,251 units from 13,728 units in April.

“Most of May was blocked in many states, and thus affected overall sales and production. Many members closed manufacturing plants to divert oxygen from industrial use for medical purposes,” said SIAM CEO Rajesh Menon.

With the introduction of Covid restrictions in several states in the country, enrollment in all categories fell to 5,35,855 units last month, compared to 11,85,374 units in April 2021.

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Menon said India’s automotive industry is committed to supporting the government in the fight against the Covid-19 Pandemic by increasing oxygen availability through various initiatives to promote health infrastructure and local communities.

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