Salman Khan seeks contempt for defaming Kamaal Khan against KRK

Salman Khan seeks contempt for defaming Kamaal Khan against KRK

Salman Khan seeks contempt for defaming Kamaal Khan against KRK

Bollywood star Salman Khan filed a lawsuit in court on Monday for demanding continued contempt against actor Kamaal R Khan for continuing to go unnoticed, although he would not do so. The petition filed a Defamation lawsuit filed by Salman seeking to prevent Kamaal R Khan from directly or indirectly making and uploading videos or any other content to his business Ventures and Film / Projects.

When the Defamation case was heard last month, Manama Gadkari Kamaal R Khan’s lawyer told the court that his client would not issue a release message or notice against Salman until the date of the next hearing.

Salman filed a defamation suit against Kamaal R Khan for his review of the recently released Hindi film ‘Radhe’.

On Monday, Salman’s lawyer Pradip Ghandy told Complementary Sessions Judge CV Marathe, although he was assured that Kamaal R Khan continued to post slanderous tweets. “This is Contempt of Court,” Ghandy argued.

A petition was then filed for contempt of Kamaal R Khan. The court heard arguments about the petition and filed it on June 11 to be heard again. The court said that until then the statements made by Manoj Gadkari Khan’s defender will continue.

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For the uninitiated, KRK has filed a tweet alleging that Salman Khan filed a Defamation case because the actor was influenced by KRK’s review of his latest film “Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai”. It is well known that KRK’s publications are actively aimed at actors and producers. Even in the past, it is well known that he goes after the KRK Celebrities, who mostly don’t pay attention to his posts.

“I got so many times that I would never review a film by a producer if he asked me not to be an actor. Salman Khan filed a Defamation case to review #Radhe, which means my criticism hurts too much. That’s why I won’t review his films. Released today the last video I have, ”KRK posted.

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