Sanjay Manjrekar Responds to Ravichandran Ashwin’s Tamil Meme “Excellent of All Time” Comment |  Cricket News

Sanjay Manjrekar Responds to Ravichandran Ashwin’s Tamil Meme “Excellent of All Time” Comment | Cricket News

Former Indian cricketer Sanjay Manjrekar’s comment that Ravichandran Ashwin was not considered excellent for all time, saying that the cricket assessment that created the “run” was a “simple and straightforward” assessment, Manjrekar said on Tuesday. Citing a commentary that turned into a cricketer, Ashwin wrote a response to one of his tweets and wrote, “… it hurts my heart to start running these simple, straightforward, crisp assessments these days.” After Manjrekar clarified his comments on a YouTube session on Sunday that Ashwin with a tweet that he doesn’t think is great, Ashwin posted Manjrekar’s tweet with a meme from the Tamil film Aparachith.

“It’s a great time to praise and acknowledge a cricket. Cricketers like Don Bradman, Sobers, Gavaskar, Tendulkar, Virat, etc. are good times in my book. With all due respect, Ashwin is not ‘Very good,'” Manjrekar tweeted on Sunday. .

Tweet Manjrekar told ESPNCricinfo in a Youtube session that Ashwin has “some problems” saying he’s the best of all time.

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“I think Ravichandran Ashwin, with all due respect, is a very good person with what he does, but when people start talking like they are among the greats of all time, I have some problems,” Manjrekar said.

“One of the basic issues I have with Ashwin is that when you look at the SENA (South Africa, England, New Zealand and Australia), the countries for bats and balls, the places where Indians are out of their comfort zone – it’s amazing I don’t have a single five wicket haul. the only one in all these countries.


“Another thing – you talk about what runs across the fields in India when the fields adapt to their bowling type. But in the last four years, (Ravindra) Jadeja has joined the ability to take the wicket throughout the series.

“So Ashwin is not a boy who was above the others. And it’s interesting that in the last series against England, Axar Patel got more innings than Ashwin in similar pitches. That’s my problem in accepting Ashwin as a great player.”

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