Sedition allegation against Lakshadweep filmmaker Ayesha Sulthana

Sedition allegation against Lakshadweep filmmaker Ayesha Sulthana

Ayesha Sulthana

Police in Kavaratti have released a release to the main film Lakshadweep Personality Ayesha Sulthana to appear in front on June 20, in connection with statements made on the island of Covid on a Malayalam TV channel. This is among the local sentiments that are already in place against the new administrator Praful Khoda Patel Lakshadweep.

Sulthanan Sub-Inspector Ameer Bin Mohammed’s release to Sulthanan contains charges under Cr4 124 A and 153 B, both of which are unsecured offenses.

The allegation was filed by Lakshadweep BJP president Abdul Khader after a June 7 TV channel discussion in which he complained that ‘the center used Lakshadweep’s biological weapons to spread Covid, and that it was anti-national according to the complainant.

Sulthana from Chelath Island in Lakshadweep is based here and as a model, she has worked in many Malayalam cinemas.

Since the new administrator took office, Congress and the ruling Left have raised their arms here and accused Patel Sangh of trying to set the parivar agenda on an otherwise peaceful and peace-loving island.

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Earlier this month the Kerala Assembly also unanimously passed a resolution calling for Patel to be removed from office.

Three days after the protest, the island’s administrators were forced to withdraw the order, which said they would have a security officer on all fishing vessels fishing on the island.

On Monday, the entire island went on a one-day hunger strike stopping at their homes and fasting to demand the removal of Patel.


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