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Novak Djokovic paid tribute to his opponents Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, saying they are a reason to be where I am today. Djokovic beat Matteo Berrettini in Sunday’s men’s Wimbledon final to tie with Federer and Nadal in the top 20. Together, they are known as the “Big Three” because of their dominance for almost two decades. When asked what it was like for Djokovic to equalize with the other two, the Serbian tennis star jokingly said, “It means that none of us, three of us, will stop (here).”

After a short pause, he added: “Look, I’ve mentioned it many times before, and I have to pay a huge tribute to Rafael and Roger. They’re legends …” A huge round of applause continued as the audience at London’s Center Court interrupted. “… The legends of our sport,” Djokovic concluded his sentence.

But Federer and Nadali continued to throw praise.

“They are, in my opinion, the reason for being where I am today. To be able to improve, to get stronger mentally, physically, tactically,” they helped me. “


Federer, in a tweet, congratulated Djokovic on his “20th major.” He tweeted: “I’m proud to be able to play at a special time for the tennis champions. Great performance, well done!”

Nadal also praised his “amazing achievement”. He added, “The 20 Grand Slam titles are huge and it’s amazing to have 3 players linked to this. Have fun and, once again, congratulations to you and your team for that!”

He recalled the time when 34-year-old Djokovic entered the top 10, in March 2007, when he lost most of his big game for three years against “these two boys”. Then something changed at the end of the 2010-11 season, he said, adding that the last 10 years have been “an incredible journey that doesn’t stop here”.

Several friends commented on the video in praise of Djokovic’s humble tribute to his rivals. One user said that “Big Three” should be called “Big Three” because each has won 20 titles.

Another said the match will be “different” when these three retire from tennis.

With his victory at Wimbledon 2021, Djokovic has won his first three Grand Slam titles this year and now needs to win another one to complete the Grand Slam calendar.

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