Shah Rukh Khan was once asked what would happen if Rakhi Sawant was accused of forcibly kissing, “I would accept ..”

Shah Rukh Khan was having coffee with Karan and was asked a question about Rakhi Sawant (photo: Shah Rukh Khan / Wikimedia / Rakhi Sawant / Instagram)

Make sure that Shah Rukh Khan has the clearest answer at all times, which has greatly influenced not only the title of King Of Bollywood, but also the King of Intelligence. One such case happened when Koffee With Karan was in a hot seat during the most controversial chat session, and Rakhi Sawant was the favorite son of the discussion thrown into all that confusion. You can imagine fireworks already, right?

So of all the famous things about Karan Johar, the most famous is the Rapid Fire session at Koffee With Karan. Not to mention, the person sitting at this point was not easy; It was Shah Rukh. And Karan, bringing all his mind to it, asked him what he would do if the actor accused Rakhi Sawant of kissing him by force. What happened next was a laugh, and we can’t help but turn all these years into laughter. Read on to find out what King King said.

An actor was expected to laugh at the question of a controversial hypothetical situation. But it was Shah Rukh Khan who had the funniest response, holding the world by force and giving a ridiculous answer. He replied to the question, “I would accept it, because you really have to force me to kiss him.” The response then created waves and the headlines were filled with his reaction.

This was not the case, Shah Rukh Khan had more pearls in his kitten and decided to throw them all together. Karan Johar, in the same episode, asked him if he would wake up like Karan one day. This time Shah Rukh had a rumor related to Johar to play, saying, “You know Karan, there are fewer chances to wake up in the morning and become you, but more to wake up with you. At least that’s what everyone says.”

Well, well, the king of the mind for a reason!

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