Shakib Al Hasan apologizes during the Dhaka League Match Kilker News

Shakib Al Hasan apologizes during the Dhaka League Match Kilker News

Shakib Al Hasan apologized for his local T20 game Moments of Madness.© Instagram / Bangladesh Cricket

Shakib Al Hasan people all over Bangladesh have apologized on Facebook for today’s events in the Dhaka League (home Bangladesh T20 international tournament) match. Shakib apologized to his fans for losing their humor, throwing trunks and then throwing them away, and arguing with the referees twice, in two excessive excesses. He wrote: “Dear fans and fans, I’m sorry for losing my humor and ruining the game for everyone and especially for those watching from home. An experienced player like me shouldn’t have to react like that, but sometimes he gets confronted. Unfortunately “I would like to apologize to the teams, the management, the tournament officials and the organizing committee for this human error. Hopefully I will not repeat it again in the future. Thank you and I love you. SAH”.

Shakib’s videos went viral on various social media sites, where they were seen throwing and uprooting trunks on an aggressive continent and then clashes with referees.

Replacing Sherba-e-Bangla National Stadium with his Mohammedan Sporting Club against Abahani Limited, Shakib lost his composure in the first, after canceling the previous appeal, which caused him to throw all the rounds.

The second time, Shakib could be seen uprooting the trunks and throwing them to the ground as a sign of protest, as the rain caused the referees to pay 5.5 euros.

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Shakib was miffed because a D / L method would be a game if 6 balls had been thrown.

Shakib’s Sporting scored 145/6 in 20 goals Abahani was 31/3 in 5.5 goals when the match was interrupted by rain.

In a renewed goal set by the D / L method, Abahani needed 76 runs on nine occasions, but was only able to manage 44/6 as Sporting won 31 races.

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