Shanghai city to regulate smart vehicle test data

Shanghai city to regulate smart vehicle test data

The city of Shanghai has drafted regulations to protect the data generated in smart vehicle testing, highlighting China’s concern about safety.

In a statement issued on Friday, the Shanghai Economic and Information Technology Commission said it would require entities that conduct vehicle testing and demonstrations to properly manage data acquisition, processing, application and transmission.

Data generated from analysis and demonstration activities cannot be transmitted from abroad unless approved by the relevant authorities, he said the bills are open for public consultation.

In addition, organizations should take important measures to protect the confidentiality of data, complete a system for the protection of personal information and prohibit the disclosure of illegal trade, transfer and relevant data, he said.

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Dozens of automakers, startups and high-tech companies in China, from Didi Global Inc. to WeRide and a leading Internet searcher from Baidu Inc., are accelerating the work of self-driving vehicle systems and are expected to bring about a shift in transportation. industry.

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China is renewing its privacy and data security policy. He is drafting a Personal Information Protection Act and will implement the Data Security Act in September, which requires companies that process “critical data” to conduct risk assessments and submit reports.

China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology earlier this week unveiled a draft action plan to better develop the country’s cybersecurity industry with the aim of better governing data storage, data transfer and personal data privacy.

Regulators announced a probe into the Giant Didi horse in early July, listed in New York a few days later, and then ordered its application removed from app stores. Didi’s application referred to “serious violations” of laws and regulations regarding the collection of personal information.

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