Shankar Mahadevan: Rap music is a very important way

Shankar Mahadevan: Rap music is a very important way

Singer-songwriter Shankar Mahadevan rose to fame with the big song “Breathless” in 1998. The three-minute, five-second song was recorded to be heard as if it had been sung without rest or pause for breath. Although the song does not fall into the rap category, it bears a resemblance to that genre of music, in that rap requires constant singing, with almost no rest.

Mahadevan has never taken rap as an opportunity to define his long and famous musical career, but he believes that genre is a very important way of music.

“Rap is contemporary music and music is a very important way. People need to know that it’s the genesis of black culture. I have a lot of respect for freestyle rap. The rappers who go on stage and do freestyle rap are amazing,” the 54-year-old musician told IANS.

In addition to creating solo compositions, Shankar is part of Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, a Bollywood trio with Ehsaan Noorani and Loy Mendons. They recently composed music for the web series “Bandish Bandits,” which was well received by young audiences.

“I think young Indians understand good music. We underestimated the youth of this country by saying that if it’s fast music, they just like it. Listening to rap doesn’t mean they don’t listen. Diverse music. They’re stuck with all kinds of music,” Mahadevan said. .

To date, Mahadevan has composed music for about 70 films. His son Siddharth Mahadevan is also a playback singer.

“Our youth is the smartest group of people. So it is very wrong to judge and to say that this is for the youth and this is not for the youth,” he concluded.

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