Shilpa Shetty’s husband-businessman Raj Kundra was arrested by Mumbai Police for making adult films

“In February 2021 there was a case registered at the Mumbai Crime Branch about the creation of pornographic films and their publication through various applications. We arrested Mr. Raj Kundra in this case, 19/7/21, he seems to be the main conspirator about this. We have enough evidence to do so.” , said the Mumbai police commissioner in a statement.

The case was registered on February 4 at the Mumbai police station in the Malwani district. An FIR was registered against the Kundra after a woman approached the police and made several allegations in her complaint, another official said.

“On that basis, the FIR was registered and the case was taken to the Crime Office. Earlier, we also registered cases related to pornography when an actor and other people were implicated,” he said.

“We will look into the case against Raj Kundra and find out if there is a link to the pornography cases we registered earlier and whether there is a link,” the official said.

Kundra IPC was included in sections 420 (fraud), 34 (common intent), 292 and 293 (related to obscene and nonsensical advertisements and showcases), and sections of the IT Act and the Non-Sensitive Representation of Women Act (prohibition). he said.

The official added that more investigations are underway.



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