Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakkar remember the terrifying experience of a sky bike

Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakkar remember the terrifying experience of a sky bike

Dipika Kakkar and Shoaib Ibrahim had a rather disturbing experience of living on a heavenly bike, so Kakkar doesn’t want to be close to a normal cycle again. On his Youtube channel, Ibrahim shared a video recalling what happened on a previous visit to the resort they were currently on vacation with. The couple was left in the air and had to be rescued by staff.

Even though Kakkar and Ibrahim were wearing harnesses, they were horrified when they moved away from the thread that was stuck in the middle of the cycle. As for Kakkar’s reaction, Ibrahim said: “Inki toh haalat aisi ho gayi thi ki chillane lagi thi, rone lagi thi. (She was scared, crying and started screaming. “

“Lekin yahaan ka staff bohot achcha hai, unhone Hume Aake Rescue kiya tha aur nikal Liya tha safe. Uske baad isne bola aaj ke baad main yahaan pe koi bhi ride Nahi karungi (But the staff here are very kind, they have rescued us and brought us safely to the ground. After this incident, Dipika has vowed not to take any walks here) “, added the actor.

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In the video, Dipika mentioned that Kakkar continued to say he was scared. “Aur main Bol bhi rahi thi uss din, pata hai, ki mujhe Nahi Karna hai, Shoaib, mujhe Darr lag money hai. ‘Arre, Dipi, Kuch Nahi hoga’ (I told Shoaibi that day that I didn’t want to go and I was scared but he rejected it and said nothing would happen), ”he said.

Dipika Kakkar Sasural was last seen in the film Simar Ka 2.


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