Shruti Haasan: I was in therapy when I was young

Shruti Haasan: I was in therapy when I was young

Actor Shruti Haasan has often talked about the need to take care of mental health, especially during the Pandemic. Stressing the need for career guidance in such cases, the actor says he has been in therapy at a young age and yet, being part of an industry that can often be a stress factor, he feels unsuitable for many days.

Shrutik believes it is important that someone who needs mental health care and not put the problem under the rug with a “I’m fine” attitude. “Mental health is very simple and very complex at the same time. I always use this example: if you have a stomach ache, you will have ajwain or yogurt and you will avoid painful things on the first day. On the second day you will say ‘okay, let me take the medicine,’ but when you are still in pain, you will go to the doctor and seek help. At that point no one in your family says “hum hai, tum doctor ke paas kyun ja rahe ho’ (here we are, why would you need a doctor)? ”Says he was talking to IANS.

“I see the whole problem because of this Indian fam jam scene.” You have your cousins, your friends, why can’t you talk to me? “I understand the feeling, but when it comes to mental health, the worst attitude you can have is‘ chin up ’or‘ I’m fine ’,” he added.

The actor points out that not even many people are aware of the help they need.

“Cracks start to happen and I usually see people calling it a ‘mild breakdown.’ Usually people don’t even realize what they’re going through,” he says.

“The feeling of inadequacy can be overwhelming and, mind you, I was a Psychology student and I left but I continued to study Psychology. I have friends with therapists. I was in therapy when I was younger and still manage my emotions and sensitivity, an industry that is very hard in every way in one – be it stress or creativity – I felt inappropriate for many days, ”the actor stated.

“I needed some time to say ‘I need some time.’ It’s not an easy thing to do, but we have the opportunity to read this and have someone read it, so the change spreads.” he says.

Shruti Lockdown has been spending her time working on her music and looking for social media posts, doing everything she can to make her happy. The actor says his life changed when he acknowledged the need to seek help.

“I have to say that I’ve always talked about mental health. When I recognized that, my life changed. Acknowledging things about myself and getting the help I needed without being imperfect, inadequate or judged. It’s mostly about social opinion and stigma. But When the pandemic hit, they all started talking because it needed to be discussed. People felt a loss – a loss of financial security, love and control, “he says.

The actor has had a positive change around now.

“I think people in the world are much more aware and especially in India, people are talking a lot more about it. I really think that awareness of mental health has arrived. There are many ways for people to understand that. You can get help online because of the distance. “People know how to use technology – via zoom calls or Skype calls. I’ve always been doing therapy over long distances because my therapist was out of London. So I always knew it was possible after that initial connection,” says the actor.


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