Sona Mohapatra says he likes to be “big”, Adnan Samik replied that he was a “torchbearer”.

Singer Sona Mohapatra does not believe that the age and physical characteristics of the artist should be essential conditions for a successful career. Speaking to the media at the 50th Rotterdam International Film Festival, Mohapatra said he is proud to be “great” and will continue to act.

Sharing a video on Twitter, Sona wrote: “I’m #GREAT, I tell a TV journalist and many others at the #IIFT #Rotterdam #filmfestival and the screening of my film. India doesn’t have to register for western glamor and beauty ideals. What do you say ? “

In the video a journalist mentioned that the work done by Sona Mohapatra as an entertainer is not yet being done. Responding to the statement, the singer replied, “It won’t be soon.” He cited examples of legendary singers Lata Mangeshkar and Asha Bhosle, who continue to perform regardless of their age.

“We don’t look or pay attention to young people or young people to be able to perform on stage. I do not believe in these ideals in any way. I’m great, and I like to be that, ”Sona added.

Adnan Samik replied to his tweet, “I was the” torchbearer of the “Great One” and so I would agree! ” Later, Sona called Adna the “sweetest”.

Sona Mohapatra is known for posting strong opinions on social media. Earlier this month, she appeared on behalf of Mandira Bedi and called people who were trolling the actor for performing the latest rituals of her husband Raj Kaushal.

“We should not be surprised if some people comment on Mandira Bedi’s dress code or the possibility of performing her husband Raj Kushal’s last rites. Stupidity is more abundant than any other element in our world after all,” her tweet read.

He did it last month on the Indian Idol reality show and was also performed by Judge Anu Malik.


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