Sonu Nigam on reality shows: Praising always the competitors will be useless

Singer Sonu nigam he says reality judges should avoid openly praising their competitors because it will only deceive the singer’s wishes. He has been a judge in sessions like Sonu, Sa Re Ga Ma and so on Indian Idol, In an interview with ET Times, said participants will stop tidying up their talent if they always receive praise from the judges.

“As a judge, we are here to teach our competitors something. We should give honest feedback to the participants. Always praising will be useless. Humesha wah wah karoge toh kaise hoga (how will it work if you always praise them)? We are not here to ruin these children. Competitors also won’t understand when they performed well and when they didn’t, but if we continue to praise them, ”Sonu said.

The singer’s latest comments have been defended and reached in a few weeks Amit Kumar Indian Idol 12. for criticizing the quality of the singers. Amit Kumar, who was invited to the section where the contestants paid tribute to his father, legendary singer Kishore Kumar, told the ET Times that he did not enjoy the show, but that he should praise it because the participants asked for it.

Following her remarks, Indian Idol 12 presenter Aditya Narayan and music composer Manoj Muntashir commented in favor of the show. When Sonu Nigam released an Instagram video, he asked the show’s makers to end this discussion and make the most of Amit Kumar’s silence.

“No one can do them justice with Kishore Kumar’s songs. Amit Kumar’s son is a great man and he has seen this industry much more than we have. He is a very calm and decent person. It doesn’t say anything and you’re taking full advantage of that. I want to thank the Indian Idol team for ending this discussion. It’s not the fault of Amit ji and Indian Idol either, ”Sonu said, noting that the show’s creators aren’t wrong to encourage Amit Kumari to encourage competitors by saying good things.

Since Kumar’s comments were made, many musicians have opened up about the different aspects of judging reality shows. Music composer and singer Salim Merchant, who sponsored sponsor Amit Kumar, told radio host Siddharth Kanan in an interview that asking judges to praise competitors was not uncommon. Salim said that perhaps because he had not heard such requests, he is not judging the show today.


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