Sourav Ganguly takes the Supreme Court of Bombay for enforcing the 2018 Arbitration Award Kilker News

Sourav Ganguly takes the Supreme Court of Bombay for enforcing the 2018 Arbitration Award Kilker News

Cricket Control Commission of India (BCCI) President Sourav Ganguly has approached the Supreme Court of Bombay in 2018 to seek an order from the Arbitration Court which awarded him compensation from his management companies, Percept Talent Management Ltd and Percept D Mark (India). )) Ltd, enforced. The former Team India captain has sought out the two companies to disclose their assets and on Monday Percept Talent Management and Percept D Mark told a single bank headed by AK Menon Justice that they will do so by July 20th.

The money to be paid by the two companies, according to the retired cricketer, is more than 36 million, about 14.50 million in original compensation plus accrued interest for non-payment.

As a temporary relief, Ganguly also sought to prevent companies from transacting on their property.

Ganguly, in his request, expressed concern that the directors of the companies had withdrawn funds from other companies.

Defender Shardul Singh, who is appearing in front of the companies, said the assets will be unveiled by July 20.

Under HC’s order, the arbitration between the parties was the “Player Representation Agreement” through which the respondent companies would act as the sole managers of Ganguly.

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After disputes arose between the parties, the agreement was terminated and Gangul requested an arbitration clause in the treaty.

The arbitration awarded the award, whereby the respondent companies were directed to pay an amount to Ganguly. 14,49,91,000, at a rate of 12 per cent per annum, from 21 November 2007 until payment is made.

The companies were paying more than $ 2 million, according to Ganguly’s advice. And he now claims more than $ 36 million in his petition.


Ganguly therefore filed an application for enforcement in the High Court to enforce the amount of the balance of the total compensation together with the interest.

HC will hear more requests on July 26th.

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