SpiceJet is partnering with eee-Taxi to deploy electric vehicles for employees

SpiceJet said Wednesday that it has linked the launch of eee-Taxi to expanding a fleet of electric vehicles for the movement of its employees, reducing logistical cost, travel time and carbon footprint.

“In the first phase, the airline has deployed a fleet of premium (electric) vehicles in the Delhi-NCR region, including Gurgaon, Ghaziabad, Noida, Grand Noida and Faridabad,” the SpiceJet statement said.

The airline is considering expanding the service to Pan-India on a phased continent.

The move aims to significantly reduce staff logistics costs, travel time and carbon footprint, thereby fulfilling its commitment to sustainability goals, he mentioned.

Eee-Taxi’s smart algorithm will help the airline optimize its operations by reducing travel time to airports and improving travel and commute management, he said.

“By optimizing the route and cabin, the airline saves costs of up to 30 percent on each vehicle over the 12-hour horizon,” he noted.

The full operation of these electric vehicles will be ordered through the Network Operations Center (NOC) managed and controlled by Spicejet, he said.

“Electronic taxis will carry out quality controls to ensure timely delivery and continuous monitoring to provide a complete and safe experience for all airline crew,” he added.


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