Splitsvilla X3: Kat Kristian Kevin Almasifar Nikhil Malik Pallak Yadav real life news on latest TV

Splitsvilla X3: Kat-Kevin, Nikhil-Pallak end real life relationships because of this

The ongoing reality show Splitsvilla X3, hosted by Sunny Leon and Rannvijay Singha, has already been a hot topic of discussion among its young fans. Be it a dome session or Chemistry between competing couples, season-to-season shows have gained tremendous popularity. Fans want to know every little detail on the screen or on the screen. Well, maybe the latest update won’t lift your spirits! According to the latest Buzz, Kat Kristian-Kevin Almasifar and Nikhil Malik-Pallak Yadav left the two couples on the show in their real life. Yes, it is true. Both couples opened their splitsville grounds on the handles of their social media and this has been amazing for all of them.

Coming to Kat and Kevin, they were both the perfect first match of the dating show and so far they have all impressed not only their bond, but also the performances they have done on various tasks. They’ve both been sharing cryptic messages on Instagram for quite a few days. And now it has become clear that they have made their way through their stories. They both say the reason for the incident is fraud. On Monday, Kat read this message: “Some people hate you, others because of the way they love you.”

As Kevin’s message goes, “Let me tell you something you already know. The world isn’t all the Sun and the Rainbows. It’s a very nasty and bad place and I don’t care how hard you hit your knees and stay there if you leave it forever. “It’s not as hard a game as life for me or anyone else. But it’s not how hard you hit. How hard you can be and keep going. How much you can take and keep going. That’s how you win!”

Kevin, a few days ago, shared another post with Kat about educating her ex. The Instagram message reads: “Anushka and I are going to WAAAAY BACK.

Kat got a lot of shit with him, which is not true. It was never a bad company for me. We were just WRONG together. I made mistakes and he made mistakes too. But he always encouraged me to do better, he never threw me out or forced me to do things I didn’t want to do. We had no personal problems seeing the WORLDS. However, the whole city knew us from childhood even before we were famous. But few people know what our lives were like. How it changed .. I considered our relationship to be a toxic reason but it wasn’t bad for ME. I will always be grateful to this girl, if it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be me today. Our relationship was toxic but he was never toxic. “

Returning to Nikhil and Palaken, both of them turned out to be a perfect match even though the fans won with nice Chemistry. Both of them left when things started going downhill in real life. This confirmation was given by Nikhil in his live chat, as they said that they are no longer together because they could not invent and work on some things. Palak also shared his story. Check it out here:

India Tv - The Story of Pallaken Insta

Pallaken’s Insta story

While talking about the show, Kat and Kevin threw out their best friends Gary and Avantika were expelled.


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