Startup Log 9 Materials develops fast-charging batteries for electric vehicles

Startup Log 9 Materials develops fast-charging batteries for electric vehicles

Log 9 Materials, a startup incubated five years ago by IIT-Roorkee, has developed fast-charging batteries for electric vehicles, which will help extend the life of the power unit and take EVs, an official said Wednesday.

The company is conducting test runs in several cities across the country, with its new batteries, to reduce the charging time to 15 minutes and push the vehicle along a 60km route.

The nanotechnology startup will install EV wheel batteries for two-wheelers and three-wheelers.

These batteries will reduce charging time by 80 percent, but will extend the life of the power unit by up to 10 years, said Akshay Singhal, founder and director of Log 9 Materials.

“We are now focusing on commercial vehicles, which often require more charging due to heavy use. Long charging time is the main barrier to commercial fleets used by e-commerce and food delivery companies,” Singhal told PTI in an interview.

For personal electric cars, one charge a day is enough and that can be done at night, he said.

“Our main USP is very short on charging time. It can increase battery life by three or five times more than normal despite high commercial use,” he said.

In addition, the company will introduce a lease-based model for batteries to reduce the pre-purchase cost of an electric vehicle, adding that this is “more feasible for commercial fleet owners”.

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“We’ll charge 4,000 three-wheeled EVs for 2,500km a month and they will soon decide on a two-wheeled fare, ”Singhal said.

The company has conducted pilot projects for these batteries with companies such as Amazon, Vogo, Shadowfax and Delhivery and other major fleet operators in cities such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai.

“Commercial services will start soon. We will also present the service in Kolkata in a month or two.

“We have partnered with EV Maker Omega Seiki and are negotiating with eight others to secure Partnerships. The company is also working with new long-distance batteries for inter-city movements over the next two years,” Singhal said.

The startup company has joined so far In the 40 million research and development, Wonder materials are used to quickly convert normal lithium-ion batteries and increase their life using “graphene” material.

“We are looking at a new infusion of $ 10-20 million in capital to invest in the commercialization of research. We will set up our manufacturing facilities,” Singhal said.


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