Steve Smith’s birthday: desires come from all corners  Cricket News

Steve Smith’s birthday: desires come from all corners Cricket News

The Delhi-based franchise said Smith was one of the best champions in the world and said it was “an unforgiving dark cricket.” DC asked him to “never change”.

The International Cricket Council (ICC) celebrated the occasion by tweeting a short video of Smith’s Incredible Century for Australia in the semi-finals of the 2015 World Cup in India.

Smith shared a photo of him sitting behind a well-decorated cake prepared by his wife Dani Willis on Instagram. He also thanked everyone for their birthday wishes.

Dani also posted a picture of the couple on her Instagram account, saying she is very happy that Smith is home to celebrate her birthday.

Smith and several other Australian players had to return to their home country in April and May due to the deeper Covid-19 Pandemic in India. The IPL had to be suspended halfway through the rest of the jobs that would be played in the Basque Country in September-October.

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Several Australian players initially backed down to meet their commitments to the franchise, but returned after the situation worsened.

However, most of them had to return to Australia after relocating to the Maldives, where they waited for the government to lift the temporary travel ban imposed on people from India.


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