‘Stop Watching Choti Sarrdaarni’ Trends on Twitter, internet users share hilarious memes

‘Stop Watch Choti Sarrdaarni’ Trends on Twitter

The Colors Choti Sarrdaarni TV show has been one of the most popular TV shows. people have loved Meher and Sarabjit aka Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Avinesh Rekhi’s Chemistry since the beginning of the series. Although the show has turned several times, fans have always been rooted to be with their son Meher and Sarabjit. Lately, the show has had a lot of drama with the cracks that arise between Param and Karan. This leads to arguments between Meher and Sarabjit. There will also be a leap that will show that Sarab is the father of the leader, thus ending Sarab-Meher’s love story. While many enjoy the latest story, ‘#StopWatchingChotiSarrdaarni’ has also been a Twitter trend on Wednesday. Fans are disappointed that the story of Meher and Sarabjit will end after the jump.

Fans believe the jump has ruined the show and the love story of Meher and Sarabjit. A Twitter user said, “Please, Mr. @RajBaddhan @asjadnazir raise your voice for injustice with ITV @ thenameisav’s first turbaned man and they ruined everything for the jump … They threw him out of the show and asked him to play the role of father father.” Fans are tending to attract the attention of the authors and have asked them not to change the story of Nimrit and Avinesh. Another, “AviNim kills as MehRab … Without them CS is nothing.”

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Earlier, Nimrit was also missing from the show, but has returned to popular demand. On his return, he said: “Choti Sarrdaarni will always be a part of my life when I started the journey as an actor. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, I had to take a break from work and I am very happy. To come back and reunite with the screen family.”

The show has dealt with many taboo topics. He started with a pregnant unmarried woman who is not allowed in society and also addressed the issue of domestic violence. “Domestic violence is a very serious problem facing women today. As a lawyer myself, I have met women who have been victims of domestic violence. I am proud that our show highlights such an important social issue,” Nimrit said.

He added: “I hope to approach many other victims like Aarti and encourage them to take a stand as #RespectMatters.”


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