Sunflower and Sherni actress Mukul Chadda: I want people to notice my performance

Sunflower and Sherni actress Mukul Chadda: I want people to notice my performance

Actor Mukul Chadda has busy Fridays ahead of him. Actor Sunflower will premiere today at ZEE5, and Vidni Balan star Sherni, who will premiere on Amazon Prime Video on June 18th.

The actor, who has participated in both films and web sections, is happy with both projects. In an exclusive interview with, Mukul talks about his roles in both projects, how he critiques his work and how he experiments with the new genre in Sunil Grover Sunflower.

Tell us about the role of Shernik.

The subject of Sherni has not been studied in much of India. It examines wildlife conservation and human-animal conflict. I play a character named Pawan, a simple, standard type of corporate man. Film director Amit Masurkar wanted to explore a few more layers around Vidya’s character and his relationships and found it interesting.

How was he shooting in the wild, and that too at the time of Covid?

Much of the film was shot between the first and second waves. It was difficult for production to manage in those locations, but since we were in an outdoor location, the whole unit was in a kind of bio-bubble. Because of this, we were safe and had no Covid-19 cases.

Tell us about Sunflower, the premise is quite interesting.

It’s a wild ride. We call it crime comedy. Murder is an investigation but a fun ride.

Sunflower and Sherni have a great star actor. How would you rate your contribution to the project?

A very exciting part of these two projects is that they have put together an excellent group of Actors. It’s gratifying to work with such great actors, I’d love to do more with them.

How was it working with Vidya Balan?

Vidya Balan is wonderful. As well as being a fantastic actor, he is wonderful to work with. He is very professional and has a very calm manner. I certainly felt very comfortable around her.

You are doing web sessions and movies. How do you think the two are different?

I don’t think the process is very different for the Actors. However, in a web series, many of the characters have longer narrative hours, so you may not be able to lead the show and still have a very interesting part.

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Any kind of genre or role that you really want to do but haven’t had a chance to?

My character in Sunflower is very different from what I normally play, so it was exciting. There’s nothing more joyful than trying to get roles that expand the range of what you’ve done in the past as an actor. There is always a risk of picking up machinery and we want to avoid that. I like to explore suspense, thriller and horror genres and play a darker character.

Since Rasika Dugal and his wife are both actors, how honest are you when you review each other’s work?

I am very happy with what some people have said about my performance and Rasika is one of them. Sometimes we need feedback and of course, there is room for improvement in all of them. Without good critical feedback, we will not improve. We discuss our projects and see each other’s shows. We are creative people and we respect each other’s space. As a couple, the other person becomes part of the discussion and decision making.

How did the pandemic bring about a change in work style, for you?

As actors, in these strange times, we have become accustomed to self-testing. It takes a little longer but I like it more. You have to shoot for an audition, you have to become a director, with a casting person. Take a look at each one and you should review your performance. So you’re directing yourself and that’s how you grow. That’s how I would say things have changed for me.

What are the upcoming projects?

Rasika and I shot a special, independent film called Fairy Folk two years ago. Due to the pandemic, the film is still in its final editions. There are some projects that are still being discussed. It looks like the third season of Office is also underway but there are no details yet. I would love to get back to that.


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