Tanishaa Mukerji has labeled the Nepotism debate as a “Trash Argument”: “I am the first number on the poster to fail”.

Tanishaa Mukerji calls Nepotism a “Garbage Argument” (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Tanishaa Mukerji made her Bollywood debut in 2003 and has appeared in a few TV shows since then. As the daughter of filmmaker Shomu Mukherjee and actor Tanuja Samarth, Kajol’s younger sister, Ajay Devgn’s brother-in-law and cousins ​​of actor Rani Mukerji and Ayan Mukerji, Tanisha calls herself a ‘child of failed nepotism’. .

Nepotism has been a regular topic in the industry. This debate took a lively pace last year after the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Now, Sssshhh … the actor has said that the ongoing debate is a “garbage argument”. He added that there is a tremendous amount of work, even a small star, and that not everything is easy. Read all that said below.

In her recent interaction with ETimes, Tanishaa Mukerji shared her opinion on nepotism and said it has its pros and cons. Actor Neal ‘n’ Nikki said: “Nepotism is a garbage argument. It’s an elegant word that people often use out of context. In today’s industry, if you don’t work hard, they don’t see you. It’s hard work.”

Tanishaa Mukerji continued: “Everything has its pros and cons. A person who is not a child of a star and does a great job in the industry will tell you how difficult it was to get a first break. But they don’t have to face the whole idea of ​​a star child “Tarah, here they are. No, they come with a blank slate. That’s a huge advantage in our industry. There are a lot of disadvantages, too.

He added that having a star or already having other family members in the industry does not guarantee success. Labeled Tanishaa Mukerji who failed as a “poster child” of nepotism, she added: “On one side I have Rani (Mukerji), on the other hand I have Ajay (Devgn), my mother is Tanuja, my sister is Kajol and I also have Ayan (cousin, director) in the family. It’s the first place of the nepotism I’m failing. (laughs) “

He continued, “All these people are screaming nepotism, looking at me and then talking. Some will have a problem with what I said, but others will also say that it makes sense. Give and take. It’s a beautiful time in the world for people to have these conversations. because it’s going to be in your head. And that’s important. ”

Do you agree with Tanishaa Mukerji’s opinion on nepotism? Report it in the comments.

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