Telugu actor Satyadev makes his Bollywood debut with Akshay Kumar’s Ram Setu: “I didn’t even put my profile there”

Telugu actor Satyadev makes his Bollywood debut with Akshay Kumar’s Ram Setu: “I didn’t even put my profile there”

Telugu actor Satyadev explained how he got into the role of Akshay Kumar in Ram Setu (Photo Credit – Instagram; Facebook; IMDb)

Telugu actor Satyadev has gathered good followers, especially in the last year, for his work in Telugu Films to achieve a commercial and critical acclaim. While Ram Setu is preparing for his Bollywood debut, starring Akshay Kumar, the actor said that Exploring Hindi Films was always on his mind.

While it gives her character a hard time, Satyadev feels comfortable telling her how the high-budget Hindi project came out.

Speaking about how Ram Setu head coach Akshay Kumar and his Bollywood debut came about, Satyadev told the IANS: “He came out of nowhere. I didn’t even put my profile there, and it landed on my lap. It’s a very good paper. Few things happen and we don’t realize what’s going on and that’s how my Bollywood debut came about. I’d say it’s the best premiere in Hollywood in terms of where I stand. I think it’s the best way to explore Hindi cinema. ”

Satyadev added: “It was always a part of the plan. I really wanted to explore Hindi cinema and indeed all languages. That’s how I see things and Hindi was definitely on my plate. Honestly, I personally feel like things are happening somewhere around you. because you think about getting them. My main thought was always to look at different markets, Malay, Telugu, Hindi and Kannada films. Hindi was always on my mind. “

While Wikipedia mentions another Hindi film for the first time, the actor makes it clear that Abhish is Sharma’s Ram Setu first. However, he gives a bit of a curiosity about another project that could have been his Hindu debut. He said: “I made a film in Afghanistan and that should have been my Hindi debut but unfortunately the film has stopped. Now I am happy because it will be Ram Setu.”

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Satyadev is preparing to finish and premiere the shooting of the Telugu TV film ‘Thimmarusu’. He is currently in Midway with the film ‘Godse’.

The actor wants the world to see his films, as he says, “Any actor you ask would like to be part of films that would be seen all over India, a Telugu film or any film. You want people to see your work. As an actor, people want to recognize the work you are doing. it makes you happy “because so many people are watching my movie. I wouldn’t call my work a pan-Indian, but I’d like to see the whole world.”

However, Satyadev is aware of the change that the Indian film industry is undergoing. The Telugu actor said: “Thanks to ‘Baahubali’ and some other films, I can imagine why the pan-indian film happened. There used to be riots before but now people are making sure they do it for other languages ​​as well. Sets to match other languages “They used to only speak Tamil and Telugu. The actors never spoke Telugu, but the atmosphere was familiar.”

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