Tesla begins hiring for senior management roles in India: Report

Tesla begins hiring for senior management roles in India: Report

As Tesla seeks to enter the Indian market, it has stepped up the recruitment process for the country’s top management and leadership roles. Giant is selling a California-based electric vehicle and is hired to work as head of marketing and head of human resources, Bloomberg reported, citing a source.

The company has also included a senior legal attorney, according to a tweet from the Tesla fan club. Last month, Tesla hired Prashanth R. Menon as Tesla’s country director for India and was responsible for overseeing the company’s entry here. Menon has been with Tesla for about four years.

EV Maker has controlled all sales and sales tax announcements by central and state governments aimed at reducing the costs of owning an electric vehicle. Within the Production Incentives (PLI) program, more incentives for EV producers are awaited and looking forward to their final entry into the country.

Under the PLI scheme, Indian manufacturing incentives will rise every year in an ongoing effort to attract the world’s biggest brands to introduce their products here and export them to the world. Last month, the cabinet also approved a plan of 181 billion rupees ($ 2.5 billion) to increase battery storage capacity to 50 gigawatt hours.

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Since the beginning of the year, EV Giant has been looking for locations for its possible Showroom, R&D center, office and factory in the country. In January, the Indian arms industry – Tesla India Motors and Energy Pvt Ltd – registered in Bengaluru, Karnataka. State Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa also confirmed in February that Tesla will set up India’s first facilities in Bengaluru. According to a recent report, EV Maker has zeroed in on its lower office in India in the Lower Parel-Worli area of ​​Mumbai.

Tesla is expected to enter the Indian market with the cheapest sedans of its 3rd model by the end of the year. While the entry will be a turning point for the country’s EV scenario, it can also be a challenge for the company. India is still lagging behind in infrastructure that needs experience to be smooth EV. Most people in the country will see that the high price of Tesla models is out of budget. However, it remains to be seen how Tesla will fare in the country with the crack.



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