Tesla has launched a subscription service for advanced driver support software

Tesla has launched an opportunity for certain customers to subscribe to advanced software to help their drivers, called “Full Auto-Driving (FSD) capability,” for $ 199 (approximately) 14,847) as an alternative to paying $ 10,000 a month (approx 7.5 lakh) in advance.

While announcing the plan, EV Maker stresses that the current features would not make the vehicle autonomous and would require drivers to pay full attention to the road and keep their hands on the wheel. sometimes. In the US, FSD subscription plans are available for the right vehicles. “Check your Tesla app for new information on availability in other regions,” the Tesla website said.

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EV Maker previously said that the subscription service will increase the customer base, with valuable features such as changing lanes on highways and parking assistance. It would win the company over and over again.

Tesla CFO Zachary Kirkhorn previously received a call from the company’s profit that many of the company’s customers didn’t want to pre-purchase FSD and first experiment with the features, so a subscription offer would be a great option for them.

The FSD subscription service is only available on Tesla vehicles equipped with a full Auto-Drive 3.0 or higher computer, and customers who want to upgrade to new hardware will have to spend $ 1,500.

Tesla has recently selected full self-driving Beta v9 software that uses Tesla Vision for some users. Tesla Vision is a computer-aided visual system that relies on optical images and not on readings from a radar sensor that was previously part of Tesla’s sensor package. The latest update to the Beta v9 software for driving is being tested on 2,000 vehicles through the early access program. Musk has taken the latest software update as “satisfied” and has the ability to improve it faster through machine learning (ML).

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