Tesla in place: US security agency opens probe into 30 Tesla-related accidents

Tesla in place: US security agency opens probe into 30 Tesla-related accidents

Tesla has returned to the U.S. scanner as a result of five years of road accidents with electric cars. U.S. car safety regulator NHTSA has opened 30 investigations into Tesla accidents, in which 10 people lost their lives.

The road safety agency suspects Tesla Autopliot, the EV manufacturer’s driver assistance system, behind the crash. The National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has released a list that provides details about the accidents, including Special Crash Investigation programs.

The NHTSA has ruled out Tesla Autopilot in at least three accidents and has published two accident reports out of those 30 road accidents. Tesla has yet to respond to the development.

Reuters news agency has access to the list by the state of the accident and just over a month ago after searching the full NHTSA list. The U.S. security agency earlier said it had opened special investigations into the 28 accidents involving a Tesla car.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Tesla Autopilot remains a key suspect behind some fatal accidents involving electric vehicles since 2016. On April 17, another man was killed in two other Texas crashes after police sparked a Tesla Autopilot discussion. he claimed that no one was behind the wheel of the crashed Tesla car.

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Tesla has recently updated some of its cars, where it has replaced cameras with radar. Tesla’s interior car cameras have been updated with a driver control system. Tesla has confirmed that cab cameras – located on the rearview mirror – can monitor a driver, detect inattention when Autopilot mode is on, and warn of this problem.

Tesla has previously asked customers to always keep their hands on the wheels when using their EV’s AutoPilot mode. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said self-driving technology is the future and minimizes the risk of these vehicles getting out of human error.

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