Tesla’s $ 400 million camera deal with Samsung could be Cybertruck: report

Tesla’s $ 400 million camera deal with Samsung could be Cybertruck: report

Tesla has signed a $ 436 million contract with South Korea’s Samsung Electro-Mechanics to supply the camera and the deal could be for the EV manufacturer’s Cybertruck pickup, Electrek reported citing local media. Tesla Cybertruck was first introduced in November 2019.

The Korea Economic Daily reported that Samsung plans to market a new electric vehicle to the “first U.S. manufacturer” that will supply the camera because the model that drivers can look back on with a car-equipped camera does not have a side mirror. He also noted that the upcoming EV has more than eight cameras for the purpose of self-driving.

It is well known that Cybertruck is equipped with a wide range of cameras and sensors. The electric pickup is equipped with a camera that protects the cabin instead of depending on the side mirrors. Although the U.S. does not support cameras instead of side mirrors, it hopes to change that before launching the Tesla Cybertruck, Electre reported.

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Speaking of Cybertruck’s range of cameras, he gets front-facing and rear-facing cameras, as well as under front-facing protection. The cameras could be used for purposes such as parking assistance or a 360-degree bird’s eye view.

Tesla has managed to keep up with the hype surrounding Cybertruck since it was shown in 2019. The company recently patented that the upcoming Cybertruck could travel up to 610 miles (about 980 km) with a single charge. EV Maker announced that it has already received more than a million bookings on electric pickup. To manufacture Tesla’s facility in Texas, the vehicle’s delivery times have been returned to 2022 from deliveries expected in early 2021.


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