Tesla’s first Supercharger is definitely shutting down for public use: the report

Tesla’s first Supercharger is definitely shutting down for public use: the report

Tesla’s first Supercharger station, unveiled by CEO Elon Musk on Sept. 24, 2012, is permanently closed for public use, Insideevs reported. The Supercharger station is located at the company’s Design Studio and SpaceX headquarters in Hawthorne, California. It has a power of 120 kW (initially almost 100 kW).

The charging station was one of Tesla’s first six stations, making it available for public use in October 2012. However, the station is expected to operate for Tesla and SpaceX employees.

An image posted by a Reddit user showed a note pasted on a charging point on the overload station. The note mentioned that the station will no longer be available to the public from 19 July 2021. Citing other reports, Insideevs reported that the Cargo Station was not listed for months in Tesla car navigation and that the EVs were aimed at other users. , nearby Supercharging stations.

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Although the reason for preventing the public from using the station is not mentioned in the note, it can be thought that the decision was made because of heavy traffic at the station or for safety reasons.

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Other specialties about the supercharging station have a big Tesla sign and show the company’s first solar cover setup. It took quite a while for other overload stations to get the sun awnings.

As of May 2021, Tesla has a global network of 2,700 EV charging stations and more than 25,000 individual stations, the report says. So removing a couple of old supercharging stations from the network for people shouldn’t hurt. EV Maker also continues to expand its Charge network across all geographies as well as increase the power of stations. Of the current V3 superchargers, which offer 250 kW, the company is considering supplying a peak of 300 kW.


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