The argument is thickened by the recordings of Florentino Perez Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho |  Football news

The argument is thickened by the recordings of Florentino Perez Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho | Football news

Audio recordings by Real president Florentino Perez have underestimated the club’s two former Legends with similar outbursts to former star Cristiano Ronaldo and former coach Jose Mourinho. After the oldest recordings released by El Confidencial on Tuesday in 2006, Perez called Legends Raul and Iker Casillas the club’s “two biggest scams in Real Madrid.” In the second set of Quotes, Perez attacked Ronaldo, who won a huge victory with Real between 2009 and 2018, including four Champions League titles.

“He’s crazy. This guy is stupid, sick. You think this guy is normal – he’s not there or he wouldn’t do all the things he’ll do,” Perez said in a recent 2012 comment to an unidentified person.

Perez has also played against Portuguese agent Jorge Mendes, who represents Ronaldo and Mourinho, sitting in the Real hole from 2010 to 2013.

“Mendes has no control over (Ronaldo) and is the same with Mourinho – none at all,” Perez said.

“They don’t even listen to him for conversations. They are two guys with horrible egos, who have ruined the couple, who don’t see reality, because they can both make a lot more money if things were different.

“Both are abnormal because we’re talking about a lot of money in image rights.

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“It’s also because of the image they have, the provocative side, it’s because no one likes it … It’s the opposite of good publicity,” said Perez, who is proud of himself as Real Madrid’s main party in business and was the first move in the Super League attempt.

Many of the mentions appeared in the book “Asalto al Real Madrid” published in 2015 by journalist Jose Antonio Abellan.

Perez complained on Tuesday that Abellan had secretly made the recordings and said time had to do with his role as organizer of the Super League.

“The budgets are from clandestine interviews recorded by Jose Antonio Abellan, who have been trying unsuccessfully to sell them for years,” Perez said, his second day until 2025.


“They’re loose phrases from conversations that take place from a wide context. They’re playing now, after so many years, I understand because of their involvement in being one of the Super League promoters.”

He warned on Tuesday that his lawyer was “examining possible actions to be taken.”

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