The Bentley Continental GT Ice Racer Dirt 5 joins the video game with 3 liver options

The Bentley Continental GT Ice Race car, which was seen at a race in the Austrian town of Zell am See in 2020, has merged with the revamped content of the Dirt 5 video game to give players a chance to experience the thrill of the ice race. The Ice Car will come in three livers – GT Ice Race Livery, Art Livery and Toblerone Livery.

In the latest video game of the Dirt 5Super Size Content Pack edition, the great Bentley off-road tourer will be seen taking on different terrains and challenges. In fact, the cover of the latest Dirt5 also features the Bentley Continental GT Ice Racer.

The Bentley Ice Racer is a mix of luxury design and extreme performance and will have 22-inch rims while offering 626 hp. The off-roader will extract sub-zero surfaces in New York, Norway and Nepal.

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Bentley Ice Racer’s GT Ice Race Livery competed in the 2020 GP Ice Race in Zell am See. Art Livery is a free fantasy designed by Sean Bull Design, designed by Toblerone Livery Codemasters – Creaters of Dirt 5 at home.

Players from Dirt 5 Year 1 and Amplified Editions will be able to enter the car as part of their entitlement and Standard Edition players will be required to purchase a new Dirt 5 pack in order to add the car to their collection of gaming vehicles.

Dirt 5 is known for its award-winning road racing video game, spectacular scenery and exciting circuits, playgrounds and stadiums. It is one of three iconic modern race cars added to the updated version of the Bentley Ice Racer.

Dirt is available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Series X and Series S, Windows Store, Steam, Google Stage and soon Amazon Luna players.


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