The BMW X5 has been marketed in the X6 Black Vermillion edition, in the X7 Frozen Black version

The BMW X5 has been marketed in the X6 Black Vermillion edition, in the X7 Frozen Black version

BMW has launched special editions of the BMW X5 and BMW X6 Black Vermilion, as well as the metal edition of the BMW X7 Frozen Black. The new editions will have a limited production run and will be available in the US and Europe. The two sports activity vehicles (SAV) and the sports activity coupe (SAC), depending on the automaker, are identical and distinctive designs.

The focus of BMW’s Black Vermilion edition is on the interaction between red and black colors. The X5 and X6 feature a double kidney grille with red bars as they offer an aggressive look against a black background. The M light Shadow Line with BMW laser light is also accentuated lighting while the XX signature takes over the front. With 22-inch dark wheels, along with a matte appearance, these models also get the cover of the M Alcantara cover. The BMW X7 also features a contrasting red and black color with 22-inch Y-ray 758 I alloy wheels with a matte gray finish.


2993 cc | Diesel | Automatic (Torque Converter)

Ex-showroom price ₹*From now on

Bmw X5 (HT Auto Photo)


2993 cc | Diesel | Automatic (Torque Converter)

Ex-showroom price

87.40.000 ₹*From now on

Bmw X6 (HT Auto Photo)


2998 cc | Gasolina | Automatic (Torque Converter)

Ex-showroom price

96.90.000 ₹*From now on

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BMW Black Vermillion Edition
BMW Black Vermillion Edition (BMW)

BMW will sell three edition models available with all engines available for each original model. The BMW X5 has a diesel and petrol engine with an automatic transmission. The 6-cylinder twin-seater SAV five-cylinder turbo engine can produce 335.2 bhp of power and a peak torque of 450Nm. The BMW X6 SAC has two state-of-the-art petrol and two diesel engine options capable of 265 hp and 530 hp. It comes with a standard eight-speed Steptronic transmission and can reach a maximum torque of 450 Nm.

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The BMW X7 SAV, which emphasizes that the car is a wide model, is a seven-seater car with an engine power of 394 hp and a torque of 760 Nm. It is also available in diesel and gasoline variants.


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