The Facebook smartwatch will have two cameras, a detachable screen: here are all the details

The Facebook smartwatch will have two cameras, a detachable screen: here are all the details

Earlier this year it was reported that Facebook was working on a smartwatch. The Facebook smartwatch will allow users to send messages and also offer health and fitness features. It seems that the Facebook smartwatch is really happening with the new product details that are being revealed The Verge. Facebook is reportedly planning to launch a smartwatch next summer.

Facebook smartwatch functions

Facebook will do it smartly feature a screen with two cameras. It will be removable from the wrist so that users can take photos and videos with it and share it on Facebook apps from the Instagram smartwatch. The Facebook smartwatch front camera will only be for video calls, and the Full HD rear camera will be for taking photos and videos when it comes off the wrist. The detachable feature will be more useful as Facebook is working with other companies to connect it to things like camera backpacks. The reason for this is often said to be a way to encourage people to use a smart watch the way smartphones are used.

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Facebook smartwatch LTE

Facebook plans to add LTE connectivity to the smartwatch and is currently working with U.S. wireless carriers for the feature. This means you won’t have to pair your smartwatch with your phone. The Facebook smartwatch is said to come with three options in white, black and gold. Facebook’s initial goal of selling a smart watch is in the bottom six data.

The report added that Facebook is already working on the second and third generations of smartwatches. Future versions of the smartwatch are said to act as a key entry point for Facebook’s augmented reality glasses that are working. As for Facebook’s first smartwatch, it will debut in the summer of 2022 and could be priced at around $ 400.


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