The former Call of Duty executive has now given a boost to the Battlefield series;  check out what’s coming in 2021

The former Call of Duty executive has now given a boost to the Battlefield series; check out what’s coming in 2021

Electronic Arts recently announced the appointment of Byron Beede, the former CEO Call of Duty to direct and grow the game publisher’s popular Battlefield series as it moves forward with an aggressive new strategy to compete in the mobile gaming market.

The company has announced that Beede, who has joined EA as vice president and CEO – while also directing Bungie’s Destiny and Call of Duty franchises – will oversee the company’s Battlefield franchise growth, according to a report. IGN.

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2021 will be an important year for EA’s Battlefield franchise, and Beeder’s appointment is yet to be announced at a time when the company is working on Battlefield 6. According to reports, the next part of the popular franchise is expected to be available not only for consoles, but also for computers.

According to the report, the company will be able to reveal details about Battlefield 6 and the version that will be released this year on Wednesday, ahead of the E3 virtual conference. The company is also working on the mobile port of the game, which is expected to reach both iOS and Android. The report also says that the Battlefield game and mobile version are being developed by five Gaming Studios.

Beede’s appointment “represents a strategic commitment to long-term franchise growth” and the company will arrive at a time of intense competition from Rival Activision with the hit series Call of Duty: Warzone and Call of Duty: Mobile. according to the report. Although both of these games were a great success, Beede was reported to be part of the launch of “direct service” aspects for both games.

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A few days ago There was an alleged video leak of the game in Battlefield 6 a few days ago, EA stated that the leaked video was only an “in-game video” and that the trailer that came out was another video. However, we’ll find out more about the game sometime next week, as the company hopes to release more details about the game.


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