The hacking team attacks Tesla, Elon Musk;  internet users suspect the role of the oil industry

The hacking team attacks Tesla, Elon Musk; internet users suspect the role of the oil industry

Tesla’s popularity around the world has led to the purchase of more and more electric vehicles in the markets where Tesla is present. As the world moves towards electrification, there could be a major headache as the oil industry declines in the use of conventional automotive fuels. Is it possible then that the oil industry is targeted at Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk? Anonymous, a group of hackers, recently released a video directed by both of them and internet users strongly suspect that the oil industry could have a hidden hand.

Anonymous has previously run government agencies and agencies, but has recently turned his attention to Tesla and Musk. In a previous video, the group questioned Musk’s power in the cryptocurrency world, while Musk claims that he cares about the environment “not practicing preaching”. (Read the full report here)

In the last video, however, the group is directed directly at Muski and means that without Tesla government funding it would be nothing. “The truth is, a lot of people are learning that the majority of Tesla’s revenue isn’t really coming from selling cars, it’s coming from government subsidies.”

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The video accuses Tesla of mistreating its employees and forcing them to work without addressing their concerns. Part of the video posted on YouTube also states that young children work in Lithium Mines outside the US.

The video means that Musk wants to install dictators in countries where there are lithium mines.

At best, all of these are allegations and so far have no evidence. What many have pointed out online is that the arguments now put forward by Forth in the video are also the arguments put forward by Forth in the past in favor of the oil industry. Some suspect that the U.S. oil lobby could have targeted Anonymous Tesla and Musk.

Although the aforementioned video has garnered millions of views, I now agree that it is nothing more than a set of misinformation and misinvestigated allegations that fly.


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