The Indian team will get a break from Bio-Bubble Life after the WTC final: Report |  Cricket News

The Indian team will get a break from Bio-Bubble Life after the WTC final: Report | Cricket News

The Indian players will have a 20-day break in England with a biological bubble after finishing in the final of the Southampton World Test Championship (WTC). As the Cricketers disperse on June 24, they will return to the Bubble series of five tests against England on July 14. Speaking to ANI, sources familiar with the developments in team management said they would be welcome. in addition to spending time in the Test Series Bubble against England, the team will move on to the IPL Bubble in the Basque Country immediately after the Test Series.

“The team will take a break on June 24 after the final against New Zealand and then reunite around July 14 to prepare for the Test series against England, which will start on August 4,” the source said.

Asked if Cricketers mean a way to get anywhere with a low or negligible COVID-19 case, the source said he needs to be in the UK so he doesn’t have trouble reuniting after the break.

“Look, it’s easy. The boys need to shut down and relax, but we can’t ignore the fact that COVID-19 isn’t completely gone yet. “Imagine moving to another country and then that place will get banned from travel due to a sudden rise in cases. You don’t want your players or their families stuck. We are looking at places in the UK,” the source explained.

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Living in the Bio-Bubble is not easy and skipper Virat Kohli also talked about it before the team moved to England.


“I feel comfortable after finishing with the WTC, I think it’s a great opportunity to refresh and restructure, hopefully if things are going well for the boys to be normal and disconnect again, understand the five-game series. Like the Australian, if we had to compete in a bubble in that long run, it was going to be tough, ”Kohli said.

“Having the freedom to go out and get things there gave us space to refresh and restore. I think it’s great, it will give us time to freshen up and prepare for a long series. That kind of setup is important before we go to a long series. It can be a huge challenge in England. so we want to have time before that series, ”he added.

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