The launch of EBikeGo EV has expanded the Fleet to 2,100 electric scooters

The launch of EBikeGo EV has expanded the Fleet to 2,100 electric scooters

The launch of EBikeGo electric vehicles announced on Monday that the fleet of electric scooters has risen from 300 to 2,100 since the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic. The fleet, which was traveling at a distance of 25,000 km per day, is covering a distance of 1.20,000 km per day, given the increased demand for delivery in the last kilometer.

In the time under review, the company has also seen an increase in its revenue 15 lakura 2.5 million. The startup has hired more than 70 new employees for leadership and management levels. “With the current demand for online posting, this time we have expanded our capacity in terms of Fleet and Craft,” said eBfanGo founder and CEO Irfan Khan.

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Khan also mentioned that his company is looking at improving the infrastructure, technology and existing facilities to facilitate comfortable green mobility. The company aims to meet its goal of achieving 10,000 electric scooters in its fleet next year.

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eBikeGo aims to take a 2 per cent market share of India’s two electric wheel segment with 2 lakh e-scooters on roads around 100 cities. Its electronic scooters are currently in operation in seven cities: Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Amritsar, Pune, Indore and Bengaluru.

The EV startup began recycling EV batteries earlier this year to reduce electronic waste that is a serious problem in modern times. Under this strategy, the company recycles lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles. He says more than 99% of the lithium batteries used can be recycled. This lithium can be used to make new batteries, while used batteries can be used in solar factories or for other purposes. The company will also be able to recycle lead-acid batteries, which are currently the main lion in the Indian EV market.


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